Application for merchands


Guiding questions (to be answered in the application):

– What products do you offer?
– How much space is covered by your booth in total (length x width including all floor space and storage areas)?
– Is a direct water connection absolutely required (gastronomy, hygiene)?
– Is a power connection absolutely required (specification in watts or kW, connection type: 230V, CEE 16A power connection)?


– authentic medieval booth and / or tent
– medieval costumes
– range of products appropriate for a medieval market
– necessary official certificates and documents (e.g. trade license, permits, etc.)

Application for camping reenactors


Basic information (to be provided in the application)

– name of the group, contact details (phone, e-mail)
– reenacting time (short description or link to the website)

– total area required (length x width including all floor space and storage areas)
– amount of campers (for our statistics)
– amount of straw required for the group (for planning purposes) – special requirements (e.g. access to the public for shows)

Requirements for campers

– authentic medieval tents and authentic camp area
– medieval costumes
– attendance in the daily morning meeting at 9:30 a.m.