Kid’s ferris wheel
Fire eater
Band “Fatzwerk”
Hussite War
Band “Weibsbilder”
Band “Streuner”
Band “Mundraeuber”
Mouse roulette
Polearm block
Wagon fort
In battle
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Friday, 18.08.2023 Exciting shows all day

14.00     Buccina ensemble (Stage I)
14.05     Opening by the bailiff of the market (Stage I)
14.10     Cartagena (Stage I)
14.15     Fadenwerkstatt’s puppet show (Stage II)
14.30     Armor and weapon inspection for Hussite War (Arena)
14.45     Kistler’s puppetry (Theatre near arena)
15.15     Band “Fatzwerk” (Stage II)
15.15     Hussite War (Battlefield)
15.30     Score shooting (Archery course)
15.45     Juggler “Sepp Schabernack” (Stage I)
16.00     Sword fighting tournament “sword and shield” (Arena)
16.45     Band “Cartagena” (Stage II)
16.30     Trial shooting for everyone (Archery course, till 8 p.m.)
17.15     Kistler’s puppetry (Theatre near arena)
18.00     Band “Fatzwerk” (Stage II)
19.00     Ad Absurdum (Arena)
19.30     Juggler “Sepp Schabernack” (Stage II)
20.15     Band “Cartagena” (Stage II)
21.00     Fireshow Avalon (Arena)
21.15     Juggler “Sepp Schabernack” (Stage II)
21.45     Fireshow with Ad Absurdum (Arena)
22.15     Band “Fatzwerk” (Stage II)

Samstag, 19.08.2023 Exciting shows all day

11:00     Battlefield games (Battlefield)
11.00     Band “Fatzwerk” (Stage II)
11.45     Ad Absurdum (Arena)
12.15     Juggler “Sepp Schabernack” (Stage II)
12.30     Band “Cartagena” (Stage I)
13.00     Olga Petrolia (Stage II)
13.15     Kistler’s puppetry (Theatre near arena)
13.30     Score shooting (Archery course)
13.45     Band “Fatzwerk” (Stage II)
14.00     Sword fighting tournament “hand-and-half sword” (Arena)
15.00     Juggler “Sepp Schabernack” (Stage II)
15.30     Band “Cartagena” (Stage II)
16.00     Band “Musica Immortalis” (Stage I)
16.30     Band “Fatzwerk” (Stage II)
17.00     Kistler’s puppetry (Theatre near arena)
17.45     Band “Cartagena” (Stage II)
18.00     Squire school of the Templer Knights (Arena)
18.15     Band “Musica Immortalis” (small stage tent)
19.00     Juggler “Sepp Schabernack” (Stage II)
19.15     Ad Absurdum (Arena)
20.00     Band “Cartagena” (Small stage tent)
21.00     Band “Musica Immortalis” (Stage I)
22.00     Fireshow with “Ameno Signum e.V.” (Arena)
22.30     Band “Fatzwerk” (Stage II)

Sonntag, 20.08.2023 Exciting shows all day

10.00     Score shooting (Archery course)
10.15     Band “Fatzwerk” (Stage II)
11.00     Battlefield games (Battlefield)
11.15     Juggler “Sepp Schabernack” (Stage II)
11.45     Band “Musica Immortalis” (Stage I)
12.15     Band “Fatzwerk” (Stage II)
12.45     Kubb tournament (Arena)
13.00     Turnament finals (Archery course)
13.00     Olga Petrolia (Stage I)
13.15     Juggler “Sepp Schabernack” (Stage II)
13.45     Band “Cartagena” (Stage II)
14.00     Sword fighting tournament finals (Arena)
14.30     Band “Musica Immortalis” (Stage I)
14.45     Olga Petrolia (Stage II)
15.30     Juggler “Sepp Schabernack” (Stage II)
15.15     Kistler’s puppetry (Theatre near arena)
15.30     Ad Absurdum (Arena)
16.00     Band “Cartagena” (Stage II)
16.15     Band “Musica Immortalis” (Stage I)
16.45     Award ceremony with Fatzwerk (Stage II)
17.00     Band “Fatzwerk” (Stage II)

Subject to change without notice!

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